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28th May 2022 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a session?
A regular session lasts for one hour. If you prefer longer or shorter sessions this may be possible and we can discuss this. I will try to provide the length of session you require unless there is a practical reason for not doing so

How many sessions will there be?
You will be in control of the number of sessions. There is no expectation, take as long as you need - everyone is different

How confidential is this?
I hope that you will feel you can talk to me in confidence about anything that might be troubling you.

Our talks are confidential which means that unless someone is in real and immediate danger I don't share any private or identifying information about you with anyone else.

If you feel distressed enough, or angry enough, to want to hurt yourself or someone else I will work with you to try to help you from putting these feelings into action. Although it is theoretically possible that I might feel I have no option but to break your confidentiality, I have never actually felt that this was the only option. My preference is always to try help you to seek a solution that you and others can live with.
I have professional supervision to look at how I am working. I do not disclose your identity in my supervision.

What will we talk about?
You will be in charge of what we talk about. You will not be expected to talk about anything you don't want to talk about. There is nothing that you cannot talk about. These are your sessions, for you, and it will be up to you what we talk about.

How much will it cost?

The cost for individual counselling and psychotherapy is 70
Relationship therapy is 90.
Family therapy is 90 per session

Supervision costs 70

Is there a fee for cancelling sessions?
There is no fee for cancelling provided a mimimum notice of 24hours is given. The usual fee is chargeable for under 24 hours notice, other than for genuine emergencies.

Is There Any Difference Between Counselling and Psychotherapy?
Counselling usually refers to less intense and briefer contact than psychotherapy. However, in Person centred Therapy you will be free to move in and out of different degrees of feeling and intensity and to stay in counselling or psychotherapy for as long as you wish. There is no real difference between the two in Person Centred Counselling and psychotherapy.

Who can come for therapy?
You can come alone, with partner/s for relationship therapy, with the whole family for family therapy, or if they are willing, you can arrange therapy for a child or adolescent. You can invite any other person if you want them with us, although usually people come alone

How do I arrange to come for therapy or supervision
You will find information on how to contact me on the 'Contact Me' page on this website, or see below.

Please feel free to get in touch with more questions or to arrange a meeting

My contact details are : phone 07932 483 379